About Sylvia

Kirk Miller Art Studio and Sylvia Schaefer Artwork

Sylvia’s professional background was that of a nurse practitioner, although she had always longed to become an oil painter. That door opened once she retired and became an “empty nester.”

While living in Sacramento, California, Sylvia took many oil painting classes and private lessons and realized how much she loved it. Sylvia pursued establishing a home studio and began selling artwork to friends and the public. She’s been fortunate to have the support of her husband, Kirk, a very successful artist who inspires and challenges her to find her voice in art.

Sylvia and Kirk recently moved to Carmel by the Sea, establishing a home with two free-standing studios. This beautiful area provides endless inspiration with scenic beaches, rocky coastlines, deep blue ocean, coastal flora, and romantic skies. Sylvia’s intrigued by the natural world and how it communicates through its artistry.

Sylvia’s goal as a painter is to interpret genuine artistry uniquely and dynamically, which will encourage the viewer to explore it further and feel the energy she strives to capture. If the viewer shares her excitement for the painting, she’ll know she has succeeded in sharing her passion for the natural world.

Sylvia looks forward to creating art daily and inviting prospective buyers to contact her for direct sales.

Sylvia Schaefer

Carmel by the Sea, California 93921